The Big Summer ANS 2016 – Day Two

16 Aug

nfc cap

We met at my local Cafe for a long breakfast and good cigars before hitting the Autobahn for a fast & furious drive to Saarbrücken and a visit to good old and generous Salih at his LCDH there.

Sunny, hot and nice half Saturday in Saarbrücken.

So hot we only took a short walk around the old town and were happy to sit in the shade having a great Burger before going back to Salih to sit inside and taste a great Spanish Brandy, Ximenez-Spinola from 1948 courtesy of the house.

Very relaxed time with Salih.

It was then back to Wörrstadt and the Irish pub where we ended the evening having some take-away food and once again very good cigars well into the night.

After all, this weekend was all about cigars….



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