The Big ANS 2016 – Day Three

17 Aug

nfc cap

Not much to be told about the last day, Sunday.

We arrived at the Mommenheim golf course early and enjoyed a great and long brunch on a once again very hot and sunny day overlooking the fairways.

Cigars were again fantastic but the most fantastic and important thing was that Thomas was able to go back home with a 450 € donation for the wheelchair bus that is so badly needed by his nephew Fynn.

Planning for next year’s big weekend has started and following the wishes of our friends from the Netherlands and Belgium it might be a long leisure cigar cruise on the big river here.

All were quite happy and have announced their return visits to the regular ANS in a less crowded setting – just for the fun of it.

Before leaving for home I took Peter up the Wißberg vineyards and we had a glass of wine under the trees at the Roman chapel half way up the hill.

A great cigar weekend with good friends is over but it will be repeated soon, not just in the summer ….


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