Advice For My Chinese & Asian Friends

5 Feb

My advice for my all Asian/Chinese friends due to recent actions by a Chinese company NOT affiliated with me in any way … : 朋友們, 這是一免責聲明。 最近有一間中國公司嘗試登記以下網名: (,,, 雖然我已經表明這個登記有違我的網誌名稱,而且本人與該公司沒有任何關連,這項登記依然在進行當中。 若你看到 ” flyingcigar ” 相關字樣的公司或雪茄品牌,這些都不是由我出品,且與我無關。 請遠離這些雪茄,而若你想要抽到好的雪茄,請去買真正的古巴雪茄。 Thank you ! Nino

Lucky Again – New Cigar Lounge In The Village

2 Feb

I had been blessed by having several places in the village where to enjoy a cigar both alone and with friends. But then the Irish Pub closed so it was good to have Cafe Emrich as an option, good quiet place with good service – until that one also closed… I found a good quiet Read more…

Picking Up The Cabs – A Visit To MRN In Hong Kong

29 Dec

I had two nice Cabs waiting for me in Hong Kong and if that was not incentive enough for a trip there, my friend Javi was also flying there for a quick business trip …. Javi and I have shared a few trips to Havana and the fun they entail so what better than having Read more…

Keeping It Simple – Cuba November 2019

5 Dec

The more I travel to Cuba the more I concentrate on things, places, friends and experiences that are important to me now that I’ve seen enough to evaluate what is and is not of interest. There’s a saying in Spanish : A veces perdiendo se gana …. As a good friend was not able to Read more…

Meeting The Great Roller Maritza Acuña Again

29 Sep

I  have known Maritza now for 15 years and have met her frequently in Havana at the H.Upmann factory where she leads the 60 best Category 9 rollers of that factory. In fact she gave us in the Portmann group a class in rolling cigars at that factory back in 2007 … I have met Read more…

Happy Days With Niki And The Taiwan Cigar Club In Europe – Day Four – Leuven With Frank

26 Sep

Niki had asked me what he and his friends should see and do in Brussels – I told him very honestly : Get out of there, Belgium has nicer cities than that … 🙂 So on the day before their departure back to Taiwan, after visiting Ghent and Bruges they took the train from Brussels Read more…

Happy Days With Niki And The Taiwan Cigar Club In Germany – Day Three

22 Sep

Sunny Tuesday and we met for a morning cigar at my Cafe, long and very relaxed hour planning the day and smoking fine. I showed my village, the garden with fresh apples for all and the cigar cellar – my KISS system of storing cigars in metal lockers which keeps them perfect for long time Read more…