The Big Summer ANS 2016 – Day One

15 Aug

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A picture is worth a thousand words so I guess I have around 80.000 words worth in pictures in the following three posts of this year’s pharmacy cigar meeting.

What can I say after more than 10 years of celebrating the ANS or pharmacy cigar event that goes ballistic in the summer ??

This year some more Dutch and Belgians came – Thomas, Irene, Jan, Pedro, Peter, Matthew, Michel, Christian, Jorg ….

We had loads of fun, a ton of great cigars, good food, a good cause to donate – see Fireman Tom’s red wagon -, good company, good fun,  always a good middle finger erection at the usual suspects and good weather.

Friday first day :

First cigars at Cafe Dolomiti opposite the pharmacy, Lunch at Jordan’s Untermühle, the Irish pub and WW II Calvados courtesy of Christian and then a long a very relaxed ANS event.

Thomas was able to raise ca. 450 € for the wheelchair bus for Fynn – thanks to Andreas’ support and the generous donations of the fellow cigar smokers.

The cigars tasted good, the conversations were good, the fun immense and we inaugurated a new “meditation/contemplation” corner in front of the pharmacy … 🙂

‘Nuff Said.


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