Lunch And Cigars With Edward And David

24 Mar


nfc capHere is Edward’s report on our lunch and smoking cigars with Frank and me in Havana :

After visiting the Lung Kong, we had lunch at the Centro Asturiano on Prado.

Since it was my first visit to Prado 309, I shared a grilled meat platter with my friend Dave (Wang). Fantastic grilled meat, just a little too windy. Cigar ash blew onto my plate of grilled meat (made it taste better I guess). Dave (Wang) offered Nino and Frank the Juan Lopez Canadian Regional. Funny enough Nino received 3 other Canadian Regionals a few days ago, except for the JL. What a pleasant coincidence!  

Later that afternoon, we had a tasting of the ERDM Infantes at Nino’s Casa. This is the second time smoking the cigar. The first Infantes was given to me by Enis, my impression of it was very bland, neutral, flat.
The second cigar from Nino was slightly better, at least for the first 3rd. Still mild flavours and underwhelming. I know there are people are would love to get a box of these and do enjoy them. I personally think it another trick HSA is pulling on us. 

It was very nice time spent with Nino and Frank, as always. We talked more about the Lung Kong, and catching up with each other. Having a nice relaxing smoke (even a boring smoke), nice coffee, nice rum is always a treat when you are with good company. 


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