Lung Kong Havana Visits And Donations

24 Mar

nfc capI visited the Lung Kong society for the elderly in Havana’s Barrio Chino several times again during my trip and, together with my friends Edward and David from Canada, we brought donations to his charity for the remaining Cuban-Chinese.

I was very happy that this tradition has been kept and expanded since my first visit there last November.

Apart from the morale boosting factor, these visits and donations are quite important for the well-being of these people.

I’d like to thank a good Hong Kong friend who wishes to remain anonymous and who contributed a major donation.


Here’s Edward’s report on the first visit where Frank came also along :


Brief background about LungKong Havana:

After a month of coordination, a few Chinese friends from FOH Toronto, and Nino have decided to visit the Lung Kong Association in Havana on the 25th of November. Lung Kong Associations are established all around the world for Chinese diaspora. Once a thriving glorious community of 200,000 now 120 or so Chinese, the Lung Kong in Havana is a place where the Chinese elders receive their daily bread, and gather. 


Reflection on my N.American society 

In North America, new Chinese immigrants grumble about the lack of authentic Chinese cuisine variety and quality. I feel deeply ashamed as once I did too complaint about how in Toronto, we don’t get Chinese food as good as back in Asia. In Havana, don’t even talk about an Asian grocery store, you won’t find a drop of soy sauce, a grain of Chinese rice, or a stalk of Chinese vegetable. Yet the Chinese community in Havana is as tight-knit as a family could get. Even though all this is taken from you, but your heritage is buried deep in your veins. 


Thoughts on visiting the LungKong Havana

These seniors are different than the seniors you visit at a senior home. These people are old but however not only they do not need someone by their side to take care of them everyday, they are active individuals that have their day-to-day business to attend to. They only show up once-twice a day to collect food and to have conversation with others. Of course the Lung Kong hold activities such as movie nights, mah-jong tournaments, but in no sense I feel that these people are old, sick, and waiting to die. Every one of them I’ve spoken to have something to talk about, cheerful; they don’t want to share their sob-story, just wanting to get to know you.  Visiting the elders and having conversation with them is a treat for me, as it is for them. I want to help them as much as I can, not just by donating supplies, but to be their company. I just cannot wait to go back to see them again.



Many many thanks to Tom (tmac77), Art (maverickdrinker), Garfield (Longsdaleto), Dave (Wang), and Joe (Blackham), for their donations, and effort in coordination. And of course Nino, for his kind heart. 


Chinese condiments:

Fermented Tofu, speciality soy sauce, shrimp paste, chilli bean sauce, hot pot satay sauce, chicken stock.

Chinese delicacies:

Preserved dried sausages variety pack, preserved salted eggs, Chinese mushrooms, Chinese red dates, an array of Chinese tea.

Dining utensils:

Chinese soup bowls, rice bowls, soup ladle, chopsticks

Hygiene products:

Toothpaste, Shampoo


Pain killers, Vitamin C, Calcium, multi-vitamin for seniors


2 x Mahjong sets, scoll paintings of Chinese landscape, incense, incense pot, Chinese tea ceremony set






I visited Graciela and Lung Kong again shortly before my departure with German friends to say fare-well and received another heart-warming reception by all.

Hopefully another visit can be planned soon to keep the flow going.






2 Responses to “Lung Kong Havana Visits And Donations”

  1. Arild 26/03/2014 at 13:48 #

    A hearthwarming post Nino. Such a small group of proud and lovely people keeping the memories and culture from their homeland alive. It must be fantastic for them making new friends and to recive such help and kind donations. Bravo!

    • Nino Munoz 26/03/2014 at 13:57 #

      Thanks Arild.

      There’s more to Cuba and Havana than just rolled dried tobacco leaves …

      Best / Nino