An Evening With Didier Houvenaghel In The Village

24 Mar


nfc capI was missing this Cuban Spanish back & forth banter now for almost 2 weeks and Didier Houvenaghel, the Belgian-Singaporean-Nicaraguan cigar-maker brought it back to me.

He is a good socio and enjoys the Cuban language and humour just like me.

Right here in the village, at Massimo’s, we had an evening of good cigars, discussions about tobacco, harvest quality and heritage.

Didier has been on a 4 week tour of Europe, the US and central America and his last few days are spent here with us.

Today at our Italian restaurant for a private dinner with some 10 good friends and tomorrow he will attend the regular pharmacy cigar meeting.

He’s been with us many times now and is among friends here – search for all my posts on him.

Let’s talk about tonight now :

The first cigar was a La Ley Mareva, an old Cuban Marca that Didier has resurrected and tries to reproduce in its vintage blend, with 4 different countries in its content, Ecuador, Honduras and Nicaragua. Have I missed a country ?? Yes, you might call me an old man.

I tend to forget and besides, what do I know about cigars….

A spicy, well balanced Mareva that I liked a lot.

We then had a Petit Salomones of his “house” brand, the Nicarao, an in your face Nicaraguan, a cigar and a mature tobacco blend I love and enjoy.

In between were hours of conversation, snippets from the Festival, inside information on Nicaragua, Cuba, production, export and quality matters.

Very relaxing and it took me back to Cuba as I can relate much better in Spanish with Didier about all that, him having studied Agriculture and Tobacco growing at Pinar del Rio University for 3 years and being familiar with all the names, places and activities there.

I am having my regular Cologne meeting tomorrow with Frank but will make sure to be back in time for a nightcap or three with Didier at the pharmacy.

Especially as Thorsten Wolfertz will be along – what better duo of NC specialists around …



2 Responses to “An Evening With Didier Houvenaghel In The Village”

  1. Frank 25/03/2014 at 10:48 #

    Please say hello to that Belgian for me or bring him to Kölle.

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