Andy’s Punch Supremo ER Suiza Tasting

20 Dec

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Last month in Havana, Andreas Stachl from Casa La Corona in Rapperswil and Uster was kind enough to invite me to a tasting event he organized at the La Guarida terrace.

We had met both at Hector Luis, the beach and about town and it was a very kind invitation that I gladly accepted, the cigar itself had me intrigued.

Having seen and admired the most beautiful humidor that will store some of these special release for Switzerland cigars next year, I had to get an opinion on this cigar – and what could be better than smoking it with Andy and his La Corona group.

I arrived early and had the terrace by myself for some nice shots, it IS a most beautiful venue and a good place for a sundowner and cigar on its own, aside from being the best Paladar in Cuba.

Andy passed the cigar around and it felt nicely balanced, the vitola is a superb Sobresaliente 52×153, very well constructed. The dry aromas were honey and hinted at a sweetness I would encounter later.

The Punch Supremo smoked very well, I have to admit too well for such a young cigar, it left me ( and most attending ) impressed by its superb quality, burn, draw and refined aromas. I have rarely smoked a cigar that had such pronounced sweetness – I truly liked it.

In conversation with friends in the group the verdict was agreed : The cigar is outstanding.

The combination of this perfectly smoking cigar which will certainly improve in a few year’s time and the impressive humidor makes me highly interested in acquiring both – plus a box or two for smoking, definitely worth it.

Thank you Andy and La Corona group for having me !


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