Cigars Rum Sun And Havana

25 Dec

nfc cap

We sure had more than two fingers of good rum a day – specially at Cuba Pasion, the cigar lounge and paladar run by Emrah a block up from the Habana Libre hotel.

He generously supplied us with some great rums for us to taste while smoking our cigars in the lovely and breezy terrace watching the world goy by.

Cigars – well, we smoked some fine cigars too.
Especially the RA Club Allones and the Magnum 56 were remarkable.

Sun and sand we had plenty of, especially at my favourite spot Tarara.

And fun, music and good company we had as well – from El Sauce to El Chanchullero and all places in-between.

I have added some pictures from my strolls through Havana ….


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