Incensed – Cigars With Canucks In Havana

17 Dec

nfc cap

It was pleasure to share time and fun with my Canadian friends Keith and John and more so to meet their lovely partners for the first time.

We had a cigar breakfast over at my Casa as well as the customary visit to the Lung Kong society for the elderly where we could see the progress in turning the old and not very successful restaurant into a modern bakery and sweets shop.

We were welcomed with enthusiasm as always and had a blast there with Georgina and Caridad singing some Cantonese opera classics for us.
The heat and the Bucanero made for some hilarious incensed word acrobatics that were to explode in laughter for days to come.

Aside from the Nacional we dropped by Ivan Justo for a great dinner and cigars and the super delicious Tres Leches dessert.

It was equally a pleasure to spend more time this trip with Paul and Carmen both at our regular haunts, the Melia Cohiba cigar lounge and in a more private setting for a good home made lunch that lasted well into the afternoon and was finished with some fantastic Diademas and rum.


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