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Le Cigare Volant & Zorro In Cologne

21 Oct

It’s been a good cigar week, or rather month – naw, make that a good cigar year so far. Funny how every week brings some kind of cigar event or trip or just a day enjoyed with an especially good cigar. We had the usual 13-day routine of the pharmacy cigar event and Walter had Read more…

Ramon Alones 898 ER Alemania Review

11 Oct

I had my first RA 898 ER Alemania a few days ago when I picked up a few boxes at Dalay Cigars LCDH Saarbrücken ( and helped some friends get their hands on them as well ). I loved it. From the get-go. Great flavours, construction, burn, progression, potential – all inside. And then, when Read more…

Picking Up The Ramon Allones 898 ER Alemania Today

7 Oct

OK, so these boxes were over a year late in arriving. With the corresponding big hype. And big expectations too. And when they finally hit Germany, the first batch of 500 boxes was distributed in small doses. They basically “evaporated” like rain in the desert … I was told by a merchant that his 50 Read more…