Ramon Alones 898 ER Alemania Review

11 Oct

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I had my first RA 898 ER Alemania a few days ago when I picked up a few boxes at Dalay Cigars LCDH Saarbrücken ( and helped some friends get their hands on them as well ).

I loved it.
From the get-go.
Great flavours, construction, burn, progression, potential – all inside.

And then, when I wanted to put it down to rest in peace it amazed me with 4-5 “magic puffs” full of cocoa, leather, chocolate, all that has made me a fan of RA ever since I smoked my first RASCC or RASS.

All there. A complete Déjà vu in a few puffs.

If I had any doubts they all disappeared in smoke. Literally.

So I went back to Saarbrücken today and spent more than half a day there having a good time and seriously smoking the second RA 898 taking some notes.

Not many – I am not a reviewer and I leave that to the experts.

Here is my take :

More intense than the first cigar smoked 3 days ago, less pronounced sweetness and more intense tobacco taste first third.

Great draw, while first was “easier” on the draw this was perfect – great burn as well. Few relights. I could taste the freshness of the cigar, but not in a negative kind of way, just factual.

The first was “nuttier” & sweeter whereas this had an added spiciness.

A most pleasant medium strong cigar, leathery, well balanced with a very nice retro-haling as well. It maintained the flavours and intensity during the smoke duration as well.

My verdict is that this is a great cigar with a huge potential if you can keep your hands off the box and be patient. But considering how good it is smoking now that will be very difficult …

I smoked a H.Upmann Reserva Piramide after the RA 898 which, while good, had no progression or marked changes and tasted … woody.

I’ll take the RA 898 any day of the week and twice on Sundays …

And whoever thinks this might be a different animal, a Partagas 898  disguised as RA 898 … think again. Or rather : Furgett it.

I had the pleasure to smoke this cigar in the company of good friends at LCDH Saarbrücken enjoying the superb hospitality by Salih, Michael and Viktor. Thank you !

Also – I was able to watch an expert specialist roller do his routine to great appreciation of passersby, clients and fellow cigar smokers for half a day.

My respect goes out to Sr Fidel Segui of La Corona whose performance delighted many people today who immensely admired this master roller’s skills.

Wonderful to watch, always a humble smile on his face, great “free hand” rolling as he did not have a mould or press as would be the case in the factory or perfect wrapper material but magically having always perfect Robustos coming out of his expert hands.

Applause please – this review is dedicated to all the rollers delivering these great cigars !

Great day considering I was supposed to be someplace else today so I am grateful for the Belgian transport strike – keep on striking folks !


Update 12.10.2015 : I received a series of most professional and impressive photographs taken by Viktor Enns of Fidel’s visit there and he also kindly took a portrait of me with Fidel which I am posting here with the photographer’s permission.

Please note that these pictures are copyrighted by Viktor Enns – © 2015 Viktor Enns Fotografie Saarbrücken

5 Responses to “Ramon Alones 898 ER Alemania Review”

  1. Cigars.Lifestyle 11/10/2015 at 13:32 #

    Great review again Nino,

    Love your blog and stories.
    Hope my box arrives soon, so i can judge for myself 😉
    When i can i sure will visit this LCDH in the near future.

    Keep up your blog brother.

    • Nino Munoz 11/10/2015 at 13:52 #

      Thanks Big man, appreciated.

      I am sure you will enjoy both the box and the store 🙂

      Let me know and I join you there.

  2. Erik 11/10/2015 at 22:14 #

    Great review, keep up these nice posts, they are very pleasant to read (incl. the photos to suck up the atmosphere!) 🙂

  3. Keith 14/10/2015 at 19:36 #

    Nice review, Nino. And come on now, there’s no such thing as “experts”, correct? 😉

    Looking forward to trying these myself, and kudos and thanks to yourself and Salih for all the assistance on that front!

  4. Jordan 16/10/2015 at 22:28 #

    These seem lovely! Some amazing pictures of rolling too. Thanks for sharing this excellent review!