Picking Up The Ramon Allones 898 ER Alemania Today

7 Oct

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OK, so these boxes were over a year late in arriving.
With the corresponding big hype.
And big expectations too.
And when they finally hit Germany, the first batch of 500 boxes was distributed in small doses.
They basically “evaporated” like rain in the desert …
I was told by a merchant that his 50 boxes disappeared in 70 minutes…
Nowhere to be found.

OK – happy to have a very good merchant and friend an hour away from me who is happy to assist when the need arises.

Off to Salih Dalay at LCDH Saarbrücken and a few hours of coffee and interesting conversations with him, Michael and Viktor over some very good cigars.

Picked up a few RA 898 Alemania boxes too….

I had the choice of numbers and was able to assist some good friends as well in getting their hands on this rare & sought after release.

Here’s my verdict :

The cigar is incredibly good, still fresh and needs rest – agreed.

But : a great smoke from the start now, progressing and developing very nicely with an amazing finish full of cocoa and leather.
I was going to let it go out and it amazed me with an aroma explosion in the last 5-6 puffs.

I admit that I love RA in general, my favourite Marca, but this 898 is, from what I tasted today, a great stick and I do not regret going large on these … and it is in the great RA style too.

I am a happy man.

PS : Make sure you watch the cult status video reviews by Salih and his crew …



2 Responses to “Picking Up The Ramon Allones 898 ER Alemania Today”

  1. Dave 08/10/2015 at 03:08 #

    Ah Nino I’m envious! Not just of the cigars but of the fine little establishment you have access too. Enjoy my friend!

  2. Keith 14/10/2015 at 18:50 #

    Good to hear! 😉