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Cuba 2018 – Jos, Cars And The Smell Of Petrol ….

5 Mar

It was only fitting that we were picked up in an old VW Bus at Havana airport – Jos had driven his vintage VW Bus earlier that day from Belgium to Germany with Frank and his son Christophe to pick me up and we had driven in it to Frankfurt airport. So driving into dark Read more…

2012/08 – Planes, Trains And Finally An Automobile

24 Aug

Inge’s new set of wheels – Majestic Very intense day. We flew to Berlin to pick up Inge’s new car. All went absolutely smooth. Bernhard picks us up at 0600 and drives us to FRA. Sunny weather all over Germany. Smooth flight and, because we flew up front, we receive a decent breakfast on this Read more…

2012/07 – ANS, Test Drive, Fresh Mint, China ER

26 Jul

Good Cigars   July 2012 After test driving my new set of wheels with my wife that sunny morning through the beautiful wine region of the Weinstrasse, I made the mistake of driving it through a spectacular, unknown, dangerous, very narrow & curvy hill road, appropriately named Totenkopf road, feared for the many dead motorcyclists Read more…