2012/07 – ANS, Test Drive, Fresh Mint, China ER

26 Jul

ans china er 0712 01
Good Cigars


July 2012

After test driving my new set of wheels with my wife that sunny morning through the beautiful wine region of the Weinstrasse, I made the mistake of driving it through a
spectacular, unknown, dangerous, very narrow & curvy hill road, appropriately
named Totenkopf road, feared for the many dead motorcyclists over the years.

We survived it, and thought we should have lunch and recover from the experience.

Afraid of going back that road to the wine region, we continued through the poor and quite
depressing Pfälzer Wald and found no better place to eat lunch than a run-down
Gasthof in the, again, appropriately named, one-horse village of Frankenstein.

We should have left the inn hungry and kept our health, but it was late, we were hungry,
we did not pay attention and paid dearly for it later …

That evening we had our pharmacy cigar meeting and Hans refined the art of the Mint
Julep with brown sugar, fresh mint and good bourbons.

Cigars were excellent and we tried the new Bolivar Distinguidos China ER from the jar. A
great cigar that impressed us.

Both the Santos Laguito Nr 2 and the Cueto I had were also exceptional.

But somehow I didn’t feel well ( neither had my wife all afternoon and evening ) and it was
getting worse, so I decided to leave the pharmacy early, fortunately along with Bernhard, and all I remember is him waking me and lifting me up from the pavement where I had deposited my greasy rotten lunch ….

I immediately felt OK after the brutal emptying of my stomach and a cup of tea at
home brought me back to the living, but it sure wasn’t a nice ending to a great day.

No more Frankenstein for us !



ans china er 0712 02
Maikammer / Weinstrasse
ans china er 0712 03
Headed for the hills
ans china er 0712 04
On the other side
ans china er 0712 05
Depressing region
ans china er 0712 06
Hans at work


ans china er 0712 07
Fresh mint
ans china er 0712 08
Still feeling well
ans china er 0712 09
ans china er 0712 10
Danke Hans
ans china er 0712 11
Frankenstein re-visited


ans china er 0712 12
ans china er 0712 13
Prost 2
ans china er 0712 14
ans china er 0712 15
Minty Moon
ans china er 0712 16


ans china er 0712 17
ans china er 0712 18
ans china er 0712 19
Still keeping pace with Bernhard
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