Visiting Hector Luis Prieto

6 Dec


nfc capNot much I can add to all my previous posts about this great tobacco farmer and long time friend.

The Vega has not changed much except for the frame work for a new house that has been erected and some new tables by the creek.

We were lucky in having a full bar staffed by the guys from Espacios in Havana which certainly improved the quality of the Mojitos and the flow of beer for the pork lunch that extended well into the late afternoon.

Hector Luis and Miguel were their quiet cool selves and we managed to have a good conversation as always while I arranged for next year’s visit.

Miguel was kind enough to stuff a bag of his farmies for me to take back to Havana for my favourite Guajira to enjoy.

Being in no hurry we stayed on after lunch to savour the mood – we only had the short trip to ViƱales as we were staying overnight there.


1 picture by John Reiner / 2 pictures by Enis Bayrisal

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