Rob Fox Tasting In Havana

7 Dec


nfc capThis event was arranged by the Canadian group and we held it at the Casa particular in Vedado I was staying, Orchid Mansion.

Rob very generously brought a box of La Flor de Cano ER UK and a bottle of Irish Teeling single grain whiskey, a very smooth and buttery drink that was perfect for the morning event.

I had arranged for a bottle of Cigarrignac brandy from home that Andreas flew over so we were all set.

First I proceeded to give away Cañonazos with my personal band as a welcome present to all before we started smoking the LFdC which proved to be an excellent cigar.

I am waiting for the review notes by Art as I was quite busy hosting the event and running around making sure everyone was happy and coffee was flowing.

Three signed Stinky ashtrays were presented by the Canadian group, one going to Rob Fox, one to Punch Joe and one to myself that I will use as a memento of this trip.

All in all a great half day spent in the good company of friends – thank you Rob !!


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