Some Mondays Are Crazier Than Others

16 Apr


 nfc capWe were all supposed to have a nice outdoor Chile con Carne dinner in Josef’s garden, our resident Dutch cook.

He fell ill and postponed the dinner for next Monday.

OK, so after dinner at Massimo’s, our resident Italian, we took to the lab for some cigars, beer, spirits and the usual fun.

We started with a crate of Heineken and Quintero Favoritos, which  Andreas  regarded as good and honest cigars as I already have previously.

Sprinkled throughout was a fine wild oranges spirit that added the zest and fruitiness to the cigars and our conversation.

Next I smoked the brand new Montecristo Petit Piramides from the Festival, sporting the Montecristo band with darker brown and much gold that makes it look very much … Non Cuban.

Not an impressive cigar, nothing to write home about, really boring hot air.

Andreas opted for a book Bolivar that was stellar.

I smoked the other Festival release, the Vegueros Mañanitas and I am quite impressed with that little bugger. Truly very good, I liked it, peppery, sweet, lasting aromas, perfect. A very good smoke. Not a brand I had on my radar so the more I was impressed.

By then we had progressed to munching snacks – a bag of Thai seaweed foils was destroyed and more Korean seaweed was procured and equally destroyed. I preferred the Thai version of the seaweed, much milder and delicate, not as salty and strong as the Korean version.

The counterbalance was the Noisettes de Pharmacien, really sweet and nutty as it should be. Good Nuts, Andreas !!

Then came the coup de grace – an 8 month old smelly, stinking, slimy but delicious Tilsiter cheese that we munched with gherkins and washed down with ice cold frozen Bommerlunder Acuavit, ice floating in the glass … truly perverted but yummy indeed.

All in all a classic crazy Monday for us guys filled with the usual ingredients : good cigars, good spirits and good fun.





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