Merci beaucoup Simon !

17 Apr

nfc capHe writes in the surprise package : What do you gift a friend who has cigars for the rest of his life ?

A cooking book for his wife … LOL.

Inge indeed loves to cook and experiment so she loved the book and wishes to also say :

Merci beacoup Simon ( And A Very Happy Birthday today ) !

Fine gesture and good memory – yes, at El Templete we enjoyed some great meals, specially the baby eels were delicious, and I told you about how we love to eat fresh and Inge loves to cook any attractive cuisine, from Indian to Thai to Spanish/Italian to classical German – so Quebecois will be next 🙂

Also thank you for the ’98 Diplomaticos – I still have your Sortilege Canadian Maple & Whisky Liqueur so I know what the pairing will be for them …

Very much look forward to meet up with you again in Havana later this year and have a good time with all the Canadian crew there !

Hasta dentro de unos meses, socio, cuidate bien y me alegro de volver a verte en La Habana con los amigos Canadienses !


4 Responses to “Merci beaucoup Simon !”

  1. Riaz 17/04/2013 at 15:41 #

    Fantastic gesture by my good buddy Simon. Nino thank you my friend for your donations to our auction at the montreal herf 2013.

    Looking foward to finally meeting you in Havana later this year.


    • Nino Munoz 17/04/2013 at 18:20 #

      Yes, indeed, Riaz,

      Inge and I truly appreciate this generous surprise !

      As for the donation – my pleasure, it was for a charity that I very much support – Feeding Children In Nicaragua – by my friend Rob Schildt. Anytime again !!

      For anyone wishing to donate :

      See you in Havana and look forward to a good time with the Canuck Crew !!

      Best regards / Nino

      • Riaz 17/04/2013 at 18:29 #

        For your blog readers who might not be aware, the montreal herf was organised by Simon and I. This was the second year we did this. We organise this event as an excuse to drink and smoke with friends, but the real reason is to raise money and awareness for Rob Schildts Nicaraguan fund to feed the children.

        Last year we raised a bit over 1000 $ and this year we doubled that number to 2225 $ for the kids. The generosity showed by all is amazing. People made donations from their private collections so we could auction them off to raise funds.

        Hopefully you can attend our event one year Nino!

        • Nino Munoz 17/04/2013 at 19:13 #


          thank you for taking the time to explain about your herf and its purpose – we here in the village pharmacy share the spirit as we have held fund raisers for the local kindergarten – always a good feeling to be able to help !

          You can count on my continuing support, next time it will be cigars with the new bands … 🙂

          As for my assistance – who knows, would love to.

          Enjoy the day and Simon’s party, my friend.

          Best / Nino