Smoking a cigar with an iconic Revolution Commander in Havana

3 Nov

Melia Cohiba Dinner Club de Amigos MC

Smoking a cigar with an iconic Cuban Revolution Commander


Dir.Gen. Hotel MC / Dir HSA Sr Buenaventura

Dr Luis Sorinas

1x H.Upmann Connossieur Nr 1 ( Hermoso Nr 4 )

1x Special custom rolled Habano

Themes : 520 yrs discovery of America, Hatuey beer, Bacardi, H.Upmann cigars.

Very interesting & insightful talk by LS on many themes related to cigars, history and Cuba.

Appetizer : Cod (Bacalao) – Wine : Sauv. Blanc from Chile

Entrée : Slices of beef – Wine : Red Australian Shiraz & Cab Sauv.

Dessert : Coconut cake – delicious.

Sitting at my table and providing a few hours of unrivalled conversation, poems and historical insight was an imposing figure wearing a gallon hat and clearly enjoying the evening.

One of the last three surviving “Comandantes de la Revolucion”, the highest possible title and rank in Cuba, Sr Agustin Artalla or rather : Comandante, as we addressed him.

He was one of the attackers of the Moncada barracks, imprisoned  for 3 ½ years and tortured at the Island of Pines, composer of the hymn of the “26 July Movement”, and renowned but not much published writer and poet in Cuba.

A good smoker and lover of the white wine, he regaled us with some of his poems and philosophical insights on Cuban, socialist and world history, while another interesting Cuban guest, Hector, a photographer, gave us the real story on Korda’s famous and iconic picture of Che, he was the last to portrait Korda in Cuba before his death in Paris.

We finished the evening with the fantastic Ron Caney Centenario which can rival my beloved Santiago.


3 Responses to “Smoking a cigar with an iconic Revolution Commander in Havana”

  1. Steve 04/11/2012 at 16:36 #

    What, no pictures?

  2. Hamlet 05/11/2012 at 16:53 #

    Now that would be an amazing dinner, only in Cuba. I am very jealous.


  3. Cliff 15/04/2013 at 21:28 #

    This is beyond cigars man… That is impressive…