Launching of the Cohiba piramide in Havana

1 Nov

I was invited to attend the official launching of the Cohiba Piramide into the Cuban market at the Club Habana LCDH.

Leo and Jorgito were kind enough to provide me with some boxes of the H.Upmann 520 and the RA EL’s that I enjoy, as well as enough Monsdales to last me a week or two.

The affair was nice and low key except ofr a short speech by Sr Maique, VP HAS, whom I passed on regards from Rob Ayala of FoH.

Also there were Arturo Mejuto, formerly Havana House Canada, Arnaldo Osvalles, director El Laguito, the Chinese Ambassador to Cuba and a large Chinese delegation.

I attended with my Italian delegation, Renzo, the great Pasta expert, and newly arrived Fabio and Mauro, my beachgoing buddies.

Toby dropped by and over free Cuba Libres and a Cohiba Siglo IV we agreed to leave Havana for Vinales on the 5-th, have a beach bbq on Cayo Jutias on the 6-th, lunch at Hector Luis Prieto’s vega on the 7-th and play it by ear from then on.

Regards from sunny and quite cool La Habana – we are getting our third piece of junk, this time a chinese made tin can named Geely today – wish us luck …



One Response to “Launching of the Cohiba piramide in Havana”

  1. Andy 01/11/2012 at 20:05 #

    I just got back from Cuba smoking Monte Cristo 520’s.
    I wish I was still there.

    Everything will be just fine.
    Good luck
    A women is only a women but a cigar is a good smoke.(R.K.)