Rik’s First Cigar – Cracking a Cab For A Friend

27 Aug

Khun Rik is my long time Thai buddy and aircrew colleague since he first flew a Kuala Lumpur-Jakarta shuttle with me back in 1998.

We became good friends then and over the years he helped me plan numerous vacations in Thailand, visited us frequently in Germany and even flew on my last flight in my crew.

On most of his lay-overs in Frankfurt we will meet for a nice Asian lunch and shoot the crap about our life’s progress, my retired one and his very busy one, both with flying and his many interests and with just six more years to go with the airline.

It was with great surprise that this visit he asked me to bring him a small cigar for our usual after lunch coffee.

He’s never smoked a cigar in his life – in fact he doesn’t smoke at all. But he wanted to try it.

So I brought him a selection of cigars and, what I thought would be an ideal cigar to start with, a Partagas Shorts 50 Cab with some age.

He decided on the Partagas and I cracked the 50 Cabinet.

After an excellent Viet lunch at our regular place and a chat with the owner who had just returned from Viet Nam we went to a sidewalk Cafe, it being hot and muggy, and Rik smoked his first cigar with great interest, proper handling and much gusto.

Smoking slowly, not inhaling and tasting the aromas and flavours he managed over an hour of smoking pleasure with just a touch of dizziness. Well done !

I have never recommended anyone to start smoking and I’d never encourage it – but when someone shows genuine interest and expresses pleasure I am quite happy to help him sneak into the cigar world.

Even if it is just one cigar.







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