Cigares Avec Mon Frere Simon

11 Sep

It was a day just like the days Simon and I had in Havana together. Smoking, drinking, eating, exploring and having good conversations …

Smoke we did – six cigars each, and talk we did too, a lot and into the night.

Mon frere Simon and his lovely Eve from Montreal are on a European tour, just landed in Frankfurt and I had a plan to show them not just the city but also the landscape, the villages and as Eve wanted, the Rhine river as well.

After a morning cigar and a coffee around the corner from the old Opera house in Frankfurt we walked the city to Sachsenhausen and had a long, long lunch and cigars again at Gemaltes Haus.

From there we had a long call with our good Cuban buddy “El Chino” to check on him and pass our best regards and wishes, specially with hurricane Irma hitting the island that same day.

Then I drove them through Wiesbaden, on the bank of the Rhine river to Vollrads castle for some  Riesling and Sekt and more cigars in the “rich region” of Rheingau – another call, this time to our good buddy Frank in Belgium.

Then it was the car ferry across the Rhine river and into the “poor region” of Rheinhessen where I live.

After touring the vineyards and the chemin de la croix to the ancient Roman chapel we were hungry and nothing better than a good German dinner cooked by Richard at Cafe Fritz next to the pharmacy, of course with another cigar.

From there it was finishing the evening at the Irish pub and some more cigars until it was time for them to get back to Frankfurt – somehow I have the feeling they will be staying in the village next visit….

Merci pour le Dentyne Fire, mon frere 🙂


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