Portmann Group – Visit To Hector Luis Prieto

22 Mar


nfc cap No surprising news to be told about yet another wonderful half day spent at Hector Luis’ farm.

As always by now, being at Hector’s is a great way to relax, spend the day in the field, hear first-hand talk about the crop and the harvest quality and feast on home made food and a tasty pig.

No BS here, no pony and dog show. The real thing.

Hector was busy when we were there as the first harvest had been almost entirely lost in torrential rains after first planting and new planting had just started earlier.

Other than that he was the quiet and reserved host he always is and enjoyed our company and the interest in his farm.

One thing that pleased him was the surprise of receiving Marc’s laminated original Cigar Aficionado article on him. The magazine copy he had was torn to pieces by now and so he could have a durable memory of that article.

Marc had it laminated in Canada, sent to me in Germany and I hand-carried it to Cuba, that is true cigar love for my favourite Canadian nephew …

Frank and I arrived after noon as I gave him a private tour of Humidores Habana before leaving Havana for La Meca del Habano.

The Portmann group enjoyed the day, and I can see that the friendship between both families, Hector’s and Urs’ has grown fondly, something I’m especially proud of as it was my idea that they should visit him and have an additional view of the beautiful tobacco fields and growers in the area.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hector in Europe …

Frank, Jorge and I stayed on for another beer, some more rum and another cigar before saying farewell to this lovely and idyllic place where we have enjoyed such great and genuine hospitality.

Riding out we stopped for some pictures at the re-painted sign to La Meca before continuing for Viñales where a dinner of river prawns and a fun evening was waiting for us.


Once again my thanks to Horst and Christof for letting me use their pictures !



One Response to “Portmann Group – Visit To Hector Luis Prieto”

  1. Michel 22/03/2014 at 11:35 #

    Lieber Nino,

    Herzlichen Danke für Ihren Arbeit im Bereich von Sigarren und Cuba.

    Ich fand es toll das ganze zu lesen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüsse,