Cigar Sanctum Launch – Havana, Espacios

21 Mar


nfc capI met the genial John DeCosta last year at a small and intimate dinner in Havana at La Guarida with Stephan von Schilling, Simon Chase and other good friends.

Very interesting background and lifestyle, quite fascinated listening to him and so I was very happy and honoured to recently receive his invitation to the launching of his new enterprise Cigar Sanctum, the first design house dedicated to creating jewellery for cigar smokers.

Along with Frank and Jimmy I assisted and enjoyed a very relaxed afternoon with the “inner circle” of the Havana cigar life, meeting the usual suspects like Ajay, Rob & Stuart Fox, Simon, Jemma, Alex, Jose Antonio, Toby, Neill and many more of the kind of people that enrich the atmosphere by their presence and good natured fun.

Horst “Ocho” and Christof “Pavo” were there, I am grateful for most of the pictures in this and all the other reports from this year’s Havana trip.

We all received a nice bag with a farm rolled cigar, a brochure on Cigar Sanctum and a small bag containing a keepsake, the replica of an old English coin stamped “In Memory Of The Good Old Days” – very fitting as we were all quite happy in Havana.

Sanctum’s creed is : In Puros Amicitia – In cigars there is friendship and the launching party was the perfect example of that.

Old friends. New friends. All brought together by the passion for great cigars and Cuba.

After a good conversation with Belen, John’s charming Argentine wife, about Buenos Aires, I took in all the very delicate and artistic work in John’s cigar jewellery line.

Fascinating, elegant and quite masculine, I can see myself wearing some of the stuff.

Especially if he starts designing cigar marca rings like Jimmy wears…

A very relaxing afternoon away from all the Festival circus meeting all the friends and relevant people that make Havana swing.

Thank you John and best of luck with your venture !!



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