Humidores Habana – Artists Creating Masterpieces

29 Sep

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One of the reasons for my visit to Havana was to have the lids of my Ramon Allones humidor repaired from some very small imperfections and while I was there also to check on the progress of two new humidors that Frank and I have commissioned.

After Pablo picked up the lids the first day, I visited the ever-growing workshop later that week.

What an impressive difference to just a few years back and incredible when you have followed the progress over the last 10 years from the basement intestines to the new premises ( the renovated ex-boiler room of a state run laundry across the old soviet style apartment building where the goldsmith and decoration work is still performed ).

Pablo gave my newbie friend Alex and me a 2 hour tour explaining all steps of the manufacturing of their masterpieces.

From the warehouse where the aged, mostly 80 to 100 years old, wood that they collect from old houses is stored to the painting, carving and Quality control rooms.

The corpus of our new humidor is ready and once we pass on the details of the cover it will be lovingly and carefully manufactured.

The Ramon Allones lids were equally carefully repaired, replacing the entire décor even though the cause was a small imperfection.

Then we went on to see the most impressive masterpiece – an almost 2 metre high perfect replica of the Bacardi Building that can hold up to a thousand cigars and some bottles for a large cigar party.

Impressive is too small a word for this piece. Overwhelming is more like it.

From the smallest details like the roof tiles to the Art Deco façade of the building, all is perfect and life-like.

No wonder the grandson of Bacardi was extremely touched to see this piece of art.

I am extremely happy and grateful to Jose Ernesto Aguilera, Pablo, Alex and the entire team for their professionalism and passion.


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