Back To Hector Luis & The Farm

2 Oct

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It was good to get out of Havana, the heat, the humidity, the masses and the putrid smell of a pony-tailed cigarette chain-smoking fuked-up Obra Completa faked-up “expert” box code YYZ HDP ( now that is for educated cigar smokers to decipher … 😉

The wind was rushing and I was chatting – so I didn’t notice the rear tire bursting, only the noise of the flapping carcase made us aware of it.

The tire was quickly replaced, but we wanted to make sure we’d have one with us for the ride, so the search for a spare tire began.
It took us to many places, from the Ponchero shacks at the Autopista to the state run tire shop in Pinar ( closed for lunch ) to more shacks and the private home of a factory director and party hack offering his official car’s tires for sale. The price was double that of Havana so we decided to take the risk. All went well in the end.

I stopped at the Guayabita del Pinar distillery to grab a few bottles for a Cuban friend currently in Germany and soon we were back at the farm and in familiar surroundings.

It was good to see Hector and his family and all friends again.
He was a bit depressed about the long recovery of his broken leg as he had been just told it would take another 6 weeks to remove the wires.
Fortunately he was able to walk with the help of a crutch.

We had a long chat with Hector smoking my custom rolled Salomones that I bring him and that he truly enjoys for their smoothness.
He was very happy to hear his farm rolled cigars are appreciated and sought after by experienced smokers for their unique provenance and aroma.

Giuliano, a fellow cigar smoker and long-time friend arrived, straight from LAX via MIA, threw his suitcase on the ground, grabbed a Bucanero and joined us for the second Salomones and an interesting conversation. He had brought a cast iron ashtray for Hector made from a car part …

A long lunch followed, finished with a few cafecitos and good Santiago 12 rum. I was just happy to be back with all the friends and take in the tranquillity of the place. We were all by ourselves after a friendly couple from the Netherlands departed after their lunch.

A heavy rainshower fell and I was impressed at how quickly and respectfully my friend Alex went to lower and fold the flag. Very patriotic indeed.

Knowing that I’d be back in a few weeks, the farewell was light hearted and before we knew it we were back in Havana, refreshed by the visit to this great guajiro.


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  1. CUBANO 12/10/2015 at 00:47 #

    Gracias por las fotos. Hector Luis farm is always a great place to visit.