Havana with R & M – Part Two

5 Apr


nfc capThe days in Havana were filled with leisurely breakfast’s in the patio, a cigar and playing the day by ear.

They spent half a day in Cojimar on Hemingway’s trail.

Of course I took them to my favourite eating places like El Chanchullero, El Templete, Starbien for the best Masas de Cerdo ( which Rainer thought to be chicken breasts, so tender were they ), Espacios, El Rejoneo etc.

And my regular smoking venues.

I admired Marled’s patience at being in small, crowded fumoirs full of smoke, not understanding a word but patiently enjoying our hours of cigar smoking and rum drinking ( which she shared … ).

Club Habana was a nice relaxing spot before continuing to Calle Fuster and the tile-decorated houses there.

They loved Santy’s so much that we had two long lunches there inviting our Cuban friends.

Talking about friends, while visiting Parque John Lennon we stopped by Victor’s Casa to say good-bye to this good Canadian friend.

Same at Lung Kong society where R & M were touched by all the friendship and hospitality given to us by my Chinese/Cantonese friends who took us to the altar and lighted incense sticks to wish us all the best.

A few hours were spent at Doce Apostoles on a perfect day, blue skies and a mirror-like flat sea. Great views of Havana from there.

Just like from the top of the Bacardi tower.

Finally after 5 days, on the same day I flew home, they took the road to Cayo Santa Maria to spend 10 days on a resort there.

They liked it alright but were surprised to be the only Germans amid all the Canadians – and more surprised to see that all of them Canucks carried giant mugs of booze on the beach and put their alarm clocks at 4 a.m. to …. get up and reserve the beach chairs … very German 🙂


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