Havana – Hole In The Wall 6 – El Rejoneo

5 Apr


nfc capInterestingly enough, this place has been featured in a highly readable news feature on the embargo and Cuban economics on Al Jazeera, as I found out :

He spoke while dining at Rejoneo Asador in the capital’s upscale Miramar neighborhood, an establishment that seems to illustrate his point.
The restaurant, which serves mammoth portions of beef, is subject to a government rule limiting eateries to 50 chairs.
So the owner created three dining areas — adjacent but technically separate  — for a legal total of 150 seats.
The venue includes a cafeteria called Tic-Tac W, whose symbol is an upside-down McDonald’s logo that represents two interlocking J’s, for the co-owners’ common first initial.

See : http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2014/3/24/in-cuba-us-embargoelicitsashrug.html

It’s a “new kid on the block”-place and I must say I like it very much.

The best and freshest baguette sandwiches in Havana with many fillings to choose from, cheerful, cheap and great quality and service.

That is at the Cafeteria or Snack Bar – I have not been to the restaurant proper ( but would see it daily when I went there for lunch or a snack).

The garden is immense and you can sit under a big tree and relax in the shade.

Having this around the corner from my Casa was an additional bonus point.

Highly recommended !!





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