Havana 2018 – Embassy Cigars

13 Mar

While in Havana with John Bongo we were invited by a good friend to attend a reception for international military attaches given at the Mexican Embassy in celebration of its Armed Forces Day.

It was a very nice and relaxed affair and we thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality and friendship extended to us by our hosts.

While chatting with them on cigar themes like freezing cigars in Havana for long term storage there and the best shops for buying cigars we also had the chance to have good conversations with attending Russian officers, also very interested in cigars and quite knowledgeable on the cigar topic.

We stayed at the reception much longer than we had anticipated as it was a great and enjoyable occasion to hear spectacular Mexican music performed by a local Cuban band – Mexican music being quite popular in Cuba, so many Mariachi bands have sprung up that do perfect copy of Mexican traditional music … I was reminded of the great music nightly at Mexico City’s Plaza Garibaldi.

The Mexican food buffet was equally delicious and a further reason to stay longer than planned.

Another interesting and highly satisfying event in this trip.
Never a dull moment in Havana.


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