Havana 2015 – New Paladar Prado 115

24 Mar

nfc capPotatoes.

Truly a rare commodity in Cuba. People stand in line for hours and hours to get some when they rarely do finally arrive at the agromercados.
Five hours in line to get some pounds is the norm.

And a few of my favourite dishes are potato based ….

I was lucky.

At El Templete I was saved twice by the chef “diverting” potatoes to prepare the Basque tuna & pepper stew Marmitako for me.

So I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Tortilla EspaƱola on the menu at this brand new Paladar on Havana’s historic avenue a few blocks down from the equally excellent Centro Asturiano on Prado 309.

And it was as tasty and yummy as I like it – only that I will ask for it lukewarm next time as that is how I prefer it over being hot.

A charming mix of new and old, a high ceilinged place, modern decor, a small menu, regular prices, very attentive, friendly service and large portions. I like the place. It is not the open air Prado 309 terrace nor do they offer such huge meat dishes but it has a very refined and subdued atmosphere and I like its tranquillity.

The dinner I had with a large group of friends was excellent, a Seafood salad “Salpicon de mariscos” followed by a succulent Duck breast a l’orange, very good !

And they offer in-house cigars from a Vega Robaina 5-th Anniv. humidor – now that is a nice gesture.

The day I left I chose it for lunch and I had the above mentioned potato Tortilla and excellent grilled chicken with pilaf rice.

A place central enough and good enough to become one of my mainstays in Havana.

Let’s hope the potato supply continues !


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  1. Keith Rowson 24/03/2015 at 15:20 #

    Aha, you got the painting by the exit to the toilets :-)) Can’t forget that!