Havana 2015 – Visit To Lung Kong Society

26 Mar

nfc capOnce again I had carried half my suitcase full of Chinese food, condiments, cooking utensils and assorted stuff for my Cuban-Chinese friends at Lung Kong, sent to me courtesy of a friend and cigar collector from Hong Kong.

We visited them along with Urs and Thomas Portmann, Yannick, Michel, Luca and “Buddha” Keith who had also brought a large amount of precious stuff to give away from Canada.

As always we were received by smiling, happy elders who gave us their warmth and friendship and by the same passionate gentleman cigar smoker who always offers his Bodega cigars to us with a broad smile.

After presenting all the goods we again visited the altar to pay respect and toured the premises. The restaurant has been closed for renovation and a new concept is being developed for it to contribute to the society’s income. Competition is fierce and the area it’s located, Dragones in Chinatown, is not much frequented by tourists.

We spent a good time conversing, drinking and smoking a cigar with Graciela and all the elders.

I later visited Graciela in her new office and we conversed on the new projects and ways to continue our support for them.

My appreciation goes to all who contributed to this effort, to my Canadian friends and especially to “Buddha” Keith for his passionate assistance.


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