Four Weeks To Go – Cuba Briefing

10 Oct

nfc capIn exactly four weeks we will land in Havana and start a few weeks of fun, friendship, meeting our Canuck cigar counterparts there, cigar related stuff like visits to the factories, the farmers and the countryside.

So the four of us travelling met at the Nassauer Hof hotel bar in Wiesbaden in style to go over the programme for the week we will all be together in Havana.

Thanks to careful and detailed planning with Keith and Simon in Canada and through contacts in Cuba we have arranged for a week that will certainly be unforgettable.

The Casa looks fantastic, travel arrangements are set, factory and humidor workshop visits are on, it all looks ready to go.

The briefing was a very relaxed affair and we went through all relevant questions before delving into more mundane stuff like dinner.

Cigars were also quite good, PL Pt Coronas, Lanceros, LGC ER Cuba and a very tasty Cohiba Pir. Extra.

Four more weeks …


3 Responses to “Four Weeks To Go – Cuba Briefing”

  1. Keith 26/10/2013 at 21:44 #


    I will miss not being able to be there with you guys now. I was looking thoroughly forward to sharing good times with you again, as well as getting acquainted with Andreas and Hans. C’est la vie, though.

    I’ll start the arrangements and planning now, to be there for next year though! LOL.

    • Nino Munoz 26/10/2013 at 23:29 #


      you will be sorely missed – I was looking forward to the experience of having you there along with my Kraut friends and your personality will be missing as it would have been just perfect.

      We’ll celebrate for you and look forward to having you there with us all next time.

      Thanks for the GREAT planning job you have performed, professional as can be expected from a pro !!

      Guess you will shedding a tear or two watching and reading our experiences – but remember we will be in safe and good hands there thanks to you !!



  2. Riaz 28/10/2013 at 19:48 #

    Really Looking foward to this trip! My first time in Havana and I know it will be a very memorable one…if i’m able to remember any of it! LOL