ANS Reynaldo Custom Rolled Cigars

8 Oct


nfc capThe idea of a “joint” tasting came to me when I read a review of a Reynaldo custom rolled cigar from the Hostal Conde de Villanueva, the Elephant foot, truly a monster, in a fellow German blogger’s site, Don Alexandro.

So I contacted Alex and suggested we meet at the pharmacy to do a joint review of older Reynaldo custom rolled cigars from my stock.

Alex being only 1:30 hrs away from us agreed and yesterday we held the event.

As usual, food was brought in and we had dinner in the lab before getting into the review ( plus the usual great meatloaf by Axel later during the session ).

I had selected Salomones and Rodolfos rolled by Reynaldo in February 2008, having run out of his Diademas by now.

But I also brought Cueto Diademas from February 2008 to have a comparison with the Reynaldo tobacco blend. 

The variable was me, as I had not smoked for a few days due to a cold, but I was feeling better and ready for the evening.

We started off with Alex selecting to smoke the Salomones while I lighted up the Rodolfo.

Smoking time was well over 2 hrs for both and beverages were red wine and beer – later Spanish Carlos I brandy and Italian Moscato Grappa as well.

My impressions of the Rodolfo : Very intense Honey and sweets on cold draw, amazingly mild and creamy, excellent balance throughout the smoking period, no marked change of shifts, a cigar that I could have had after breakfast, so incredibly tasty and aromatic, smooth and approachable it was. I was amazed and surprised at the mildness having expected a more explosive, tobacco-loaded stick.

Alex smoked the Salomones and, from his comments, I could hear his enthusiasm with it.

Then it was the Salomones for me : Leather and very dark chocolate on cold draw, a more masculine cigar, darker, more intense and powerful than the Rodolfo, more depth, more finish while also being absolutely balanced and harmonious. A more evening-like cigar compared to the milder Rodolfo.

Again, Alex visibly enjoyed the Rodolfo and commented on the differences we were experiencing in the two cigars.

All in all, two very different animals altogether blended and rolled by the same roller ( these cigars were personally rolled by Reynaldo for me, not usual nowadays ).

We both agreed on the excellent quality of these custom rolled cigars, truly amazingly good.

Alex will do a review of the Cueto Diadema I presented him on his blog in the near future, I look forward to his thoughts.

The ANS as usual was a fun filled affair with lots of laughter, stories, anecdotes and jokes – good beverages, good friends and good cigars.

Alex enjoyed it so much he made sure to make a hotel reservation for next year before leaving the next morning.

Update : Und hier ist Michael’s Sicht der Dinge.

Update : And here’s Don Alex review of the two cigars and the ANS evening – Thanks Alex !!




2 Responses to “ANS Reynaldo Custom Rolled Cigars”

  1. Frank 08/10/2013 at 16:45 #

    Das war aber wieder einen schönen Abend oder ? Denke daran das wir im Feb wieder Reynaldo Diademas mitnehmen mussen und so einen Elefantenfuss zum Spass.

    • Nino Munoz 08/10/2013 at 20:07 #

      Ja, das war ein schöner Abend, wie immer, aber leider ohne Dich.

      Mit Februar OK – aber hast Du schon Deinen “Jagdschein” für die Jagd auf Elefanten bekommen … 🙂

      Tot ziens / Nino