Back To The Farm With Hector Luis

16 Dec

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The day before we left to spend a few days at Hector Luis’ farm Cuban friends informed us of the Paris terror attacks.
Yannick and I were totally disconnected from information in Havana so we decided to spend an hour the next day at the Melia Cohiba cigar lounge to watch the terrible news with Juanita. Not good news and what’s worse, they seem to become the future norm for Europe.

Our sombre mood was lifted shortly before getting into Pinar del Rio at Las Barrigonas where we stopped for coffee and met first a good and attractive friend and then the always good for a laugh Naka-san on his way to perform a sad farewell for a recently departed friend.

I was happy to see Hector again and especially now that he was able to walk after having the wires removed from his leg.
It had been very tough months for him not being able to move around and needing a wheelchair.
Now he was back in good spirits and directing all preparations for this year’s planting of the tobacco seeds.

The farm is as beautiful as ever with more visitors dropping in due to the newly established Ruta del Tabaco signs that lead to the more famous vegas.

One visitor I was happy to see was Oliver from Brazil as we had met in Havana briefly and I had helped him with reservations. he had thoroughly enjoyed his days at the farm and was going back to Havana.

Another welcome sight was Andy Stachl of La Corona also visiting with his group and staying nearby.

Another visitor we met was Francesco who shared lunch with us and some lovely ladies from Ireland who gave us some very valuable information on Maria la Gorda beaches and hotel.

We enjoyed the quiet moments there. While I had dinner with Hector, Yannick went to Andy’s party In Pinar and had a great time.

As always, it was a very relaxing, refreshing and informative visit with interesting insights into the shortage of raw material that plagues the supply chain.

It was a pleasure to present Hector with one of the nice shirts that have Cuba on the back and a cigar in the front and see him wearing it with a big grin.

We certainly had a big grin when we left the farm, having recharged our batteries and enjoyed the more simple pleasures and genuine friendship.


2 Responses to “Back To The Farm With Hector Luis”

  1. Oliver 17/12/2015 at 03:33 #

    What a plasure, Nino, what a pleasure.

  2. Nasier 11/01/2016 at 01:09 #

    Seeing him wear the shirt certainly puts a big grin on my face too.