2012/01 – ANS – Big Pizza and Small Sticks

23 Jan


ans 220112  01
Vito, Hans, Pizza and curious Lotte
ans 220112  09
Box of H.Upmann Half Coronas – size comparison with a Bolivar ER BeNeLux


Once again we met at the pharmacy lab and welcomed a new smoker in our group, the charming and beautiful Angela.

She brought a tasty chocolate cake along and we look forward to see her loosen up our male-dominated group of smokers.

Michael brought some cans of different sausages from a Franciscan monastery in his region as well as a monk-made Liquor and, after Don Vito once again regaled us with a great pizza, we even had a casserole of fresh lamb – couldn’t be any better.

The H.Upmann Half Coronas have arrived both in Germany and at the pharmacy and we all stocked up with this little, tasty and cheap bugger.

Life is good.


ans 220112  02
Angela cutting the cake – Andreas opening the cans
ans 220112  03
Michael : Cans, bread & licquor from the monastery
ans 220112  04
Smoking good
ans 220112  05
Drinking good
ans 220112  06
Eating well


ans 220112  07
Modern camera, old Leica lens
ans 220112  08
Lamb casserole
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