2012/02 – Partagas Replica Jar

29 Jan


replica partagas jar 0212 03
Fine jar


Jan. 2012

One of the reasons I am flying back to Cuba in a few weeks again is to pick up a beautiful Partagas replica jar with my name on it that I ordered last November in Havana.

Made by Ramon Iglesias of Creaciones San Ramon, these jars were touted all over the cigar stores in Havana as well as at the Partagas Encuentro to visitors and are quite affordable at just 60 US$.

Limited to 1000 jars but I guess there will be more of these around for ages to come as demand was not that high. I was able to order more for friends without a problem.

I’ll fill my jar with some nice custom rolled Salomones and it will have a corner in my cigar room.

One day it can be used to scatter my ashes ……..


replica partagas jar 0212 02
Ordering mine with Ramon
replica partagas jar 0212 04
Promoting the jar at the Partagas Encuentro
replica partagas jar 0212 05
replica partagas jar 0212 01
Not scattering¬†the ashes yet …
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