2010/06 – Portmann 40, Pizza, Pharmacist and World Cup

11 Jun


ppp-portmann 40, pizza, pharmacist 0610 01
Portmann 40 Robustos Jar
ppp-portmann 40, pizza, pharmacist 0610 05
Portmann 40 Robusto

June 2010

Not much really, just a warm and agreeable evening in the village ahead of the opening game tomorrow of the World soccer championship in South Africa.

Andreas proposed a simple dinner of Pizza across the street from the pharmacy and Portmann 40 Aniversario Robustos to go along.

It became a longer affair with Ramazzotti for dessert and good fun as always.

I reminisced about one of my fondest memories – being in Jo’burg back in June of 1995 during the epic final of the Rugby world cup and watching Mr Mandela wearing a Springbok shirt shake hands with Francois Pienaar, the SA rugby team captain at Ellis Park after the low pass over it by a SAA B-747-200 before the game against the New Zealand “All Blacks” started.

That aircraft, ZS-SAN “Lebombo” had “Good Luck Bokke” written beneath their wings.

South African Airways B-747-200 over Ellis Park, Jo’burg 1995
Picture : Jan Hamman / Beeld Newspaper

See : www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJVMlHfloHA&feature=player_embedded

and :


The Sprinbgboks won the match 15-12 against the likes of Jonah Lomu & co and I watched the riotous joy explosion all around the city (and country) with police, ambulances and fire trucks coming out with their sirens blazing to celebrate the bokke’s victory over the kiwis.

That victory was also mine, as I had put my money, against all odds, on the Springboks.

See : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Africa_national_rugby_union_team

This time I will be pragmatic and wish Mexico all the best – Adelante Mexico !

Today I’ve read that Mr Mandela will not attend the opening game in Jo’burg and it saddens me.

Back to cigars : The Portmann 40 Robusto was just perfect, creamy, round and we gave it a whopping 110 points out of a possible 100. The extra points were for the most beautiful band.

Anyway, we have decided to do an in-depth tasting of the Cohiba BHK 56 against the Cohiba Gran Reserva one of these days to see for ourselves which one of the two is the “official dog rocket” should one of them score below 150 points on the Richter scale.

Stay tuned.


PS : All the crappy pictures courtesy of Andreas.

ppp-portmann 40, pizza, pharmacist 0610 02
Portmann 40
ppp-portmann 40, pizza, pharmacist 0610 03
Springbok & Portmann 40
ppp-portmann 40, pizza, pharmacist 0610 04
Great cigar !
ppp-portmann 40, pizza, pharmacist 0610 06
Asparagus pizza
ppp-portmann 40, pizza, pharmacist 0610 07
Stereo smoking
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