2010/02 – Gran Cohiba Birthday

17 Feb

gran cohiba birthday 0210  01
Christph, Gottfried & 2003 Siglo VI’s, Andreas & Nino with Cohiba Gran Reserva 2003
gran cohiba birthday 0210  02
2003 Siglo VI’s & 2003 CGR’s

16 February 2010

I like the Cohiba Gran Reserva 2003 (CGR).

It is not just a very photogenic and beautiful cigar box to look at, I also believe they should be smoked.

Preferably with good friends. Even without the add-on occasion of today being my birthday.

I have liked this cigar since it was introduced in HAV last year when I was lucky enough to receive 2 small coffins at the gala dinner.

The price issue is a different matter.

As this is a 2003 CGR we thought it would be interesting to compare it to a 2003 Siglo VI, same Cañonazo vitola, same vintage, same brand.

Fortunately Gottfried still had an intact 2003 Siglo VI box, coded LLN JUN 2003 and I had a CGR box and what better occasion for a dinner at Massimo’s than my birthday to find out about the differences (if any) between these two cigars.

Especially since I will be leaving for the XII Festival in Havana this Sunday and will taste the new Cohiba Behike line being introduced there.

The “usual suspects” gathered at Massimo’s, happy to thus avoid the carnival madness of Mardi Gras.

We started with a small cigar while we waited for the appetizer and everybody had fun on me for turning into an 57-year old fart but giving me nice presents as a consolation prize.

After the first course we decided to start the tasting with the Siglo VI. This is the consensus of us all :

Very good cold draw.

First draw : Not Cohiba-like.

Then she came came alive – fast.

Creamy, full, intense. Overpowering tobacco.

Slightly woody.

Not typical Cohiba during the smoke.

Reminded many of us of a H.Upmann.

Too overpowering, strong tobacco taste that “buried” all aromas.

Not impressive.

We enjoyed the main course, Filet al vino rosso and it was time to taste the Gran Reserva.

Here the group consensus :

Cold draw already more “refined”, complex.

Cohiba taste from the start.

Different league, completely different (better/higher) class.

Aromatic, multifaceted, the Siglo VI was too strong, it covered all aromas.

Hands down the winner.

Linear, smooth, round, creamy, excellent smoke, no distinct changes in thirds.

Tastes “completed/finished” – will there be any climax left in 5-10 years ?

While we judged it excellent, we wondered whether the mark-up in price was worth the experience, but that is a very philosophical question left to you and your wallet.

We all enjoyed the Gran Reserva and were happy to have it as second cigar – the pleasure of smoking it was very distinct indeed.


gran cohiba birthday 0210  03
At Massimo’s
gran cohiba birthday 0210  04
2003 vintage Cohibas
gran cohiba birthday 0210  05
Box code
gran cohiba birthday 0210  06
Gottfried checking
gran cohiba birthday 0210  07
Nice sight


gran cohiba birthday 0210  08
Gabriel double checking
gran cohiba birthday 0210  09
Gabriel presents me with a “midget” Punch Paises Nordicos RE
gran cohiba birthday 0210  10
Bernd clowns & Andreas acts serious
gran cohiba birthday 0210  11
Andreas enjoys
gran cohiba birthday 0210  12
Nino evaluates


gran cohiba birthday 0210  13
Hans dreams
gran cohiba birthday 0210  14
Gabriel precision cutting
gran cohiba birthday 0210  15
Gabriel triple checking
gran cohiba birthday 0210  16
Perfect wrappers, straight burn, solid ash, perfect specimens
gran cohiba birthday 0210  17
Sharing & laughing


gran cohiba birthday 0210  18
Bernd reflecting
gran cohiba birthday 0210  19
Bernhard exhaling
gran cohiba birthday 0210  20
Hans admiring
gran cohiba birthday 0210  21
Happy cigar smokers
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