2009/08 – UPS – Day Five

26 Aug


UPS – United (Nations) Pharmacy Smoke

Day Five

u(n)ps 0809 day five 01
Brunch at Proviant-Magazin

23 August 2009

Last day of the event.

Greg had to leave back to the US – hope he returns after I treated him to a bit of fast driving and some “road rage” German style on a quiet Sunday morning on our way to the Mainz station ……..

Pity he left, Greg is a stand-up guy and both he and Rob gained our respect and admiration for the trouble they went through to be with us, the cigar taste they have and always sharing their rare cigars and their knowledge of the leaf.

Guys, the village welcomes you back anytime !

We enjoyed an excellent brunch at the Mainz Proviantmagazin, good cigars and company and I was able to finally find some time to pen down some notes of the days we shared.

We said our good byes and promised to do this again, so :

Aufwiedersehen in Wörrstadt !!

I had a last cigar on my terrace with Michael and quiet everyday life returned.


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Additional pictures to this report :

u(n)ps 0809 day five 02
Greg leaving us in style – through the smoking area of the platform : – )
u(n)ps 0809 day five 03
With Max & Gabi
u(n)ps 0809 day five 04
Martin, Gabi & Max
u(n)ps 0809 day five 05
u(n)ps 0809 day five 06
Max, Vicky & Michael


u(n)ps 0809 day five 07
Penning some notes – Foto Dieter “habanadi”
u(n)ps 0809 day five 08
Having Fun
u(n)ps 0809 day five 09
The End
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