2009/08 – Middle East BBQ Smokes

8 Aug


middle east bbq 0809 01
China & Middle East at the BBQ

August 2009

We continue our culinary adventures.

Same week, different venue – a nice & hot summer evening BBQ with friends – yes, some of the regular “Witches of Wörrstadt” were present again – to finish off the Armonias and smoke some very decent, but not very “Bolivar” Bolivar ER Medio Oriente / Middle East Double Corona.

The food : Fantastic ! Marinated beef, chicken and lamb with some Bratwurst strings and …. you don’t want to have this translated : Bauchspeck !!. And .. we inaugurated Corinna’s new Weber BBQ. Highly recommended !

Beverages : Hendricks Gin with cucumber slices, Becks beer, Wines, Grappa “Berta”.

The cigars : young again the Armonias, no wonder, they were just 3 days older now, but very much Bolivar taste and aromas, very harmonius. On the other hand the Medio Oriente DC had a very pleasant taste, spicy, well constructed, a good smoke – but nothing typical Bolivar to write home about.

A good but “generic” Habanos.

Here’s Andreas Tasting of the Bolivar Double Corona ER Medio Oriente :

This Bolivar ER is a beautiful, well constructed cigar with superb draw.

No typical earthy Bolivar aromas, but you notice immediately that it’s no lightweight either.

Already harmonious while still young but can be smoked right away now.

Very constant smoking pleasure, with predominant spices and leather flavours.

Becomes stronger during smoke but never too strong.

One of the few ER’s that have managed to convince me – but I could have believed it was a Ramon Allones.


The fun : priceless.

Retired life is full of new discoveries ……. I am even halfway good at the BBQ.


middle east bbq 0809 02
Hendricks, cucumber slices and … hicks
middle east bbq 0809 03
In Corinna’s patio
middle east bbq 0809 04
This is your new workstation – a brand new Weber.
middle east bbq 0809 05
Meaty Armonias
middle east bbq 0809 06
Lotte smells the BBQ


middle east bbq 0809 07
Bolivar ER’s
middle east bbq 0809 08
Digging in
middle east bbq 0809 09
ER’s with different profiles
middle east bbq 0809 10
Andreas happy
middle east bbq 0809 11
Everybody happy


middle east bbq 0809 12
Charlotte & a happy dog 1
middle east bbq 0809 13
Andreas & a happy dog 2
middle east bbq 0809 14
The good life
middle east bbq 0809 15
Snacking away the crispy Bauchspeck
middle east bbq 0809 16
BBQ Kings !!
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