2008/09 – Boss Hogg back in Wörrstadt

22 Sep


bosshogg 2 01
Dave in Wörrstadt
 bosshogg 2 03
Dave visiting the cellars with Richard

September 2008

Dave “Boss Hogg”, a good friend and Aficionado from Washington DC was back in Wörrstadt for a couple of visits in August and September during one of his frequent business trips to Europe.

He enjoyed fine weather, a few dinners at Café Fritz where Richard, the owner/chef took the time to chat with him on agricultural machines and then showed him around his wine cellar and the steps ( and vats ) needed to produce the good wine that he serves in his Restaurant/Guesthouse.

After one of those dinners we retired to the next-door pharmacy where we were entertained by Andreas and Bernhard until midnight smoking and having a good time in the office.

Good cigars were smoked and good wine was enjoyed as well as a fantastically smooth “White Lightning” Apple Schnaps courtesy of Fred Lauw, “El Humidore”.

Unfortunately Dave did not manage to rent a Porsche 911 this time again to have fun on the Autobahn, so it fell to me to drive him “a bit faster than usual” to the Airport – which, being a Sunday morning, was not a big problem.

Nice to have you back, Dave !

Here’s some pictures of his visit.

bosshogg 2 02
In the Cellars
bosshogg 2 03a
Cafe Fritz Wörrstadt
bosshogg 2 04
Dave in the office
bosshogg 2 05
White Lightning
bosshogg 2 06
Dave in the office


bosshogg 2 07
Dave in the office
 bosshogg 2 08
Wörrstadt Sep. 2007
bosshogg 2 09
Wiesbaden Sep. 2007
bosshogg 2 10
Dave & the world’s largest coockoo clock – Wiesbaden Sep. 2007


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