2011/01 – 60 Minutes And What Else ??

24 Jan


60 Minutes And What Else?

January 2011

I just received this mail from a good friend who escaped unharmed from today’s Moscow Airport bombing.

Take time to live.


An arrival in a nice country,

White of nice snow on the trees,

Bright of nice sunlight in the air

The beauty seems eternal untouchable.


And then and there…

Everything departs


Not even a second uninvited unexpected

Flames comes from nowhere and burns everywhere

Death takes what is there accessible with no distinction

The whole world changes in a second


And then and there

The world falls apart


60 minutes away from life is death

More cigars to explain at custom

Or just a broken bag to declare

Or just a longer queue at immigration

Or just nothing, 60 minutes is nothing


And boum! Live becomes death

Everything goes off


60 minutes from hell

Already a few miles away. In the car too far to hear or see anything

But so close enough to feel everything

Especially how life is ephemeral

Especially how life and death are close

Especially how life is everything

And nothing at the same time


And especially how much more Life should be appreciated

Simply, naturally, fully


Shame on us when we complain for nothing

Shame on us when we do not live in depth

Shame on us when we think we have no time for the genuine thing

Shame on us when we don’t build


Simply shame on us if we don’t live

Because it could disappear faster than what we think

And usually we realize when it is too late!


I arrived in Moscow Domodedovo, today, this afternoon.

I was there minutes before the blast, nothing fantastic, just enough to realize how thin the border is.


Very warm hugs from beautiful and white Russia.

Take time to live.



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