2007/09 – Nino Tasting 1998 La Gloria Cubana Medaille d’Or No. 2

8 Sep


lgcmdotasting07aug 4
LGC MdO Nr 2

Tasting Nino

A perfect “Murphy’s Law” day – even though I’m happily off for six weeks and we are leaving for a vacation in the Algarve tomorrow, today managed to be a very shitty day that pissed me off royally.

“Murphy” was working overtime today – several things that I did not dream of getting wrong DID go wrong.

So tonight after dinner I went over to my local pub with a ’98 LGC MdO No. 2 and decided to take revenge on the day.

Revelation : the cigar was so good that I decided midway to get my camera and a sheet of paper and jot down a few words.

Not the first cigar from this box, bought last year from a Swiss merchant.

Perfect draw from the start, straight burn. Picture perfect.

Lots of perfume, soap, overly flavoured ( to me ), cedar, wood, later ( second third ) wet leather, chewy, oily, strong, wet mint (?), dark cocoa.

No need for relighting, perfect construction.

lgcmdotasting07aug 1
lgcmdotasting07aug 2
lgcmdotasting07aug 3

Today a very soothing cigar, mood was for a soothing, gratifying smoke.
Tomorrow I might consider it too perfumed.

Might otherwise not be my favourite, but perfect today.

Just go to show how much your ( my ) mood influences perception and how “tailored” the cigar should be to your actual mood.

Duration : Exactly 2 hrs.

Beverage : Rose wine with mineral water.

Location : My local village pub.

lgcmdotasting07aug 5
lgcmdotasting07aug 6
lgcmdotasting07aug 7

The remaining sticks will fly with me tomorrow to Portugal for further destruction. If they taste this good on a shitty day, imagine what they will do to you after a day at the beach and a great seafood dinner ……………..

Behind me, some volunteer fire fighters and their girl friends were having dinner.
Suddenly their beepers started screaming, they jumped up, plates of steaming food were left on their tables as they ran out to the local FD across the street.

An hour later they returned, it was “just” a car accident, good scare, no one seriously hurt, a shitty evening for them as well that turned out to be OK.

End result : “Murphy” did not  manage to stay on top today. 

The good ones won the day !


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