2007/09 – Algarve Tastings Nino

25 Sep


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Firing off the Salomones
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Portmann 35 Aniv. & Licor Beirao

Portmann 35 Aniversario Tasting

Location : Adega TiCosta

Duration : 1h45 ( 21-22h45 Portugal-Serbia match )

Dinner : Rabbit Stew / Coelho

Beverages : Red Monte da Peceguina Alentejo, Water, Bica coffee & Maciera Brandy

Great construction, delicate pre-light taste.

Straight burn, Great grassy, spicy aroma from Start.

First Third : strong, pure, straight tobacco taste, very good. Very fine, firm and structured ash.

Easy draw, elegant, refined.

Second Third : smooth, perfect, slightly floral, honey taste. Peppery, cedar.

Perfect to the end.

Too busy watching the game to take further notes :-))

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The Game begins
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Ruben & Fernando
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Excellent cigar !

Reynaldo Salomones Nov-2006

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Great Start

Location : Adega TiCosta

Duration : 2h15 ( 21h15-23h30 )

Dinner : Chicken / Frango ao Piri-Piri – very spicy.

Beverages : Planalto White, Water, Bica coffee & Maciera Brandy

Very mild, smooth, solid, good ash, good burning.

Perfect construction except for tip.

Not “refined” compared to LGC MdO No 2 that I had the day before.

Wife liked the “pure tobacco taste” of the Reynaldo custom rolled Sublimes I had 2 days back, she didn’t like the “perfumed” aroma of the LGC so I chose the Salomones today.

Very agreeable, no harshness, but also no distinct flavour “upgrade” in first ½ hr.

Stronger, more aromatic in second third, minty.

Distinct tobacco, mint, animal (?) aromas.

Very good cigar that can rest another couple of years. Tobacco is supposed to be 4-5 yrs old as per Reynaldo’s claim.

algarve07sept rs 3
Perfect Ending


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