2010/02 – La Guarida closes down

1 Feb


La Guarida closes down

la guarida closes 0110 09 001
La Guarida – Dinner with Nakamura-san, Simon Chase, Alex Iapicchino & Marc Portmann
la guarida closes 0110 09 002
La Guarida – Sharing laughs with Max Gutmann & James Suckling

February 2010

La Guarida, the legendary Paladar located on the third floor of an old house in central Havana and famous for the 1995 movie “Fresa y Chocolate”,  the Paladar with the best cuisine, service and atmosphere in Cuba, has closed down.

All lovers of contemporary Cuban cuisine will be saddened.

I’ve had some memorable dinners at La Guarida and will sorely miss its first class menu and the great camaraderie shared with other discerning cigar aficionados.

Its fantastic ambiente cannot be duplicated.

A tribute to the best Cuban Paladar ever.


PD : La Guarida fortunately re-opened its doors a year later ….

la guarida closes 0110 07 003
La Guarida – With Manfred “Puck”, Bernd “Tyremountain”, Paul & Thomas “Stocki”
la guarida closes 0110  07 07
La Guarida – Manfred “Puck” & Bolivar Gold Medals after lunch
la guarida closes 0110 08 04
La Guarida cigar lounge – With Keith, Jimmy & Alex
la guarida closes 0110 08 05
La Guarida cigar lounge – Ian & Keith
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