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Bangkok – Blue Elephant Thai Cooking Class

27 Jan

  Riding high on the BTS or Skytrain public transportation system in Bangkok has its advantages. You can see the urban sprawl, the nice houses hidden behind high walls, the corners in this concrete jungle where people congregate and little gems hidden from street level view, like the 116 year old Blue Elephant Restaurant and Read more…

Bangkok – Impressions

27 Jan

  Some impressions of Bangkok. A city that, while being crazy and modern still preserves nice corners amid the urban sprawl, the concrete jungle and the crazy traffic. Not a city I could live in and certainly not a city for seekers of peace and quiet. But an exciting metropolis. Nino    

Thailand – Impressions of Pak Nam Pram, Khao Kalok and Dolphin Bay

25 Jan

  Thailand : Some impressions of the quiet seaside area of Pak Nam Pram in Pranburi province,  Khao Kalok or “Skull Mountain” and Dolphin Bay where we enjoyed tranquility and good food plus very pleasant surroundings and great people. All located ca. 300 km south of Bangkok on the Gulf of Siam. Our hotels there, Read more…

Thailand – Cigars, Scooters, Bumps And Hospitals

25 Jan

  Cigars can be dangerous to your health alright – specially when you ride on a scooter and try not to fall from it. I was the one to count my blessings on the coastal road here in Pak Nam Pram and ended up at the Royal Thai Army Infantry Hospital in Pranburi. Rented a Read more…

Thailand – Quick Evasion from The Six Senses Nanny Republic

16 Jan

  I should have been forewarned when the receptionist asked for my credit card and charged the first 3 nights right away – hostage taking basically. I found out the reason later from both Thai and European friends, see below. OK, the very exclusive resort is nice, quiet, almost too quiet and we wanted to Read more…