Bangkok – Blue Elephant Thai Cooking Class

27 Jan


nfc capRiding high on the BTS or Skytrain public transportation system in Bangkok has its advantages.

You can see the urban sprawl, the nice houses hidden behind high walls, the corners in this concrete jungle where people congregate and little gems hidden from street level view, like the 116 year old Blue Elephant Restaurant and Cooking school located on Sathorn Rd next to the Surasak BTS train station.

I spotted it and pointed it out to Inge as she wanted to attend a day cooking class and the place looked attractive enough.

So next day we stopped there and visited it – what a great lovely place it is !


Inge booked her class for our return to Bangkok after beach time and we were lucky to meet the reservations lady for the cooking classes, Mrs Mayurim Fordham a former Thai Intern. Airways Fleet Operations secretary very familiar with our professional world and very interested in conversing about our different backgrounds but very similar experiences, she being also retired.

The class will be at 9 am on a Tuesday and involves a visit to the market before the actual cooking takes place. A Diploma will be handed out and after Inge took a look-see around the spacious kitchen and class-room she was enthusiastic about her choice.

Part II – returned from the beach and back in Bangkok.

An early wake up and quick breakfast, a short boat ride to Saphan Thaksin and a hop on the Skytrain and we were back at the Blue Elephant for the class.

Led by Ms Mariam our group of 10 consisting of a few Taiwanese, an American, an Argentinian and a Scottish lady plus us two went back to the river and into the fresh produce market where Mariam took us around explaining fruits and condiments and ingredients for the Thai cuisine, letting us try the fruits and inviting us to a Thai “Starbucks” place where we had fantastic coffee out of a bag, Thai style, for a fraction of what we would have paid in the faceless expensive chain.

Inge is now taking the class and I’m enjoying a cigar by the pool waiting for my appointment at the hospital for a check on my knee.

Guess where I’d rather be …

PS : Inge came back happy, having learned many new tricks and she prepared a meal consisting of Fishcakes, Red Curry, shrimp salad plus bringing along some interesting recipe books and souvenirs.

A most pleasant experience.




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