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2012/08 – 1930’s SOL Aromosos Imperiales Review

21 Aug

1930’s SOL Aromosos Imperiales I had the pleasure to smoke a 1930’s SOL Aromosos Imperiales from the box that MRN sent to fellow blogger Robert “Montehiba” : www.cigarjournal.co/index.php/us/home/725-apackagefromhongkong and whose history and background can be seen here : skydrive.live.com/?cid=9881abe0b974828f&id=9881ABE0B974828F!472 Robert and I have been in contact for years and I was very happy that my Read more…

2012/04 – 1930’s SOL Aromosos Imperiales

4 Apr

  Robert on Cigar Journal and the 2 cigars From Hong Kong to Vienna to W√∂rrstadt Life is good indeed Apr. 2012 Some years ago I started communicating with a fellow Blogger, Robert “Montehiba” from Austria and the correspondence developed into a friendship. While I’m more of a “Blogger who travels while smoking a cigar” Read more…