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The Cuban Cigar Industry Darwin Award Winner – And A Sour Kraut

14 Dec

I had a few boxes reserved at La Cabaña’s La Triada Casa del Tabaco, among them the newly released SLR Marquez ER Cuba. When I went to pick them up I was asked to pay the entrance fee to the fortress, 6 CUC, even though I was only going around the corner to the cigar Read more…

The Cigars I Didn’t Buy – Scam Warning

30 Jun

  Back from a very relaxing, intense and highly interesting trip to Havana and Cuba. All went better than expected and I was able to combine the more productive aspects of the trip in Havana with soothing days at the beach and the tobacco fields of San Juan y Martinez. It was such a great Read more…

2011/12 – Havana : El Cañonazo At La Cabaña Fortress

1 Dec

  La Cabaña Fortress Ceremony After so many visits to Havana and being rainy and stormy, with nothing better to do after dinner, I decided to disguise myself as a tourist and let my friends take me to see the daily re-enactment of the cannon shot fired every day at 9 pm. This was done Read more…